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Back to School

Back to SchoolAugust 9th is fast approaching, the first day of school.  Most of the students are not eagerly awaiting that day, although Summer boredom might be setting in and school is not looking so bad.  I know that is how it was for me as a kid.

We’ve attached a list of school supplies for Perk and Stone Elementary schools and for Stone Middle School.  If you are in high school, then by now you know what you need, or your teachers will tell you when you get to class.

Most of you have registered by now and are ready to go, including vaccinations (ouch!).  Whatever grade you are entering this year, learn lots and enjoy the time you are there.  School can be tough, but it is this stage of preparation in the journey we call life.  For those starting kindergarten, life is now changing completely as you begin this part of the journey.  Good luck on the trip of the next 13 years.  For you seniors, this part of the journey is coming to an end; enjoy these last months as you prepare for whatever comes next.

All you parents out there, your child or children are taking yet more steps in the process of growing up, and away.  Take time with them as the year goes by to make sure that both you and they get the most of every moment.

And all of you, have some fun.


P.S.  If you are college bound this year, classes at MCGCC start on August 21st.

School Supply Lists:

Perk Elementary | Stone Elementary | Stone Middle school


Editor’s Note: When the official school calendars are made public, we will post the schedule on our site’s calendar.