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Taking Action – Editorial

In the world of small local business, word of mouth is vital. It was word of mouth


that led the writer of this article to Studebaker’s in the first place. That is how word of mouth works, and it is the best advertising in the world.

The community has a responsibility to support local businesses and word of mouth is the first line of local support.

Economic development is not always about bringing in national chains.  Supporting and promoting small, local businesses is the heart and soul of local economic development.

Businesses fail for lots of reasons, including owner failures, but community support is essential for economic growth and development within the community. There is no one place to assign blame, but the very definition of community is to support those within it.

If there is to be any hope for our economy in the future, it lies within the small local businesses of our community. However, we all have to do our part.

If we want Wiggins to thrive we must take advantage of word of mouth advertising. If there is a business in town, new or old, big or small, tell people about them and tell US about them! You can contact us via Facebook, email, commenting on this site, or using our contact page, but make sure we know so we can put it on this site. Then tell your friends about the new place you are excited about, and point them to this site for the write up we do.

In our 21st century world, the internet is a growing medium for spreading word of mouth; with the advent of social networking it is easier now more than ever.

In the end it is all about shop local, eat local, support local.


– Nathan Baker