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Salt – Fashion’s Best Kept Secret!


Imagine putting on your favorite t-shirt, dress, or blouse only to be left with an unwanted fashion accessory; white deodorant stains . In this article, you will discover how to remove and treat this fashion faux pas by using two different methods. The first method covers how to get rid of fresh stains, while the second targets set-in stains.

Method Number 1:  Rub away fresh stains with Nylon.

We’ve all experienced that moment of pulling a top over our head, and then noticing a pattern of “zebra stripes” down the sides of our clothing.  No need to worry, this problem is an easy fix.  The solution lies in your sock drawer. Just reach for a pair of nylon hosiery (panty hose) or stockings, roll them into a ball, and rub the stained fabric until the white mark fades away.  This method works really well, especially if you stain your favorite black dress.

 Method Number 2:  A touch of salt will do the trick, to combat stains that stick.

Tomorrow you are scheduled to attend an event, and you decide to wear an outfit that you haven’t worn in quite some time.  You proceed to take it out of the closet; however, under close inspection, you notice old antiperspirant stains that have settled into the fabric.   You toss your outfit into the washing machine,  and after countless attempts of washing and drying your outfit, the appearance of the stain is left unchanged.  Unfortunately, since the deodorant stain is set-in, it is completely past the stage of being able to remove it with nylon.  Nylon will not work because you’ve given the deodorant enough time to absorb.  Treatment for this problem is simple; just use salt.  Salt is one of fashion’s best kept secrets because it will remove just about any clothing stain.  It is safe to use on both dark and white colors, and will remove stains that most detergents miss.  To remove set-in stains, wet the stained area with water.  Next, pour salt on the stain.  Make sure the stain is covered completely with salt, and let it sit for 2 hours.  Two hours from the time of treatment, rinse the area with water again.  Pour salt over the stained area, this time massaging the salt into the fabric.  Wash the outfit like normal with your favorite detergent.  This treatment should have your clothing looking like new again.

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  1. Linda Murphy

    Well, that was news to me, and useful. Thanks. There’s a reason salt was so highly prized long ago.

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