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How to Grow Blueberries

grow-your-own-blueberriesWith the beautiful spring blooms, hearty vitamin packed berries and gorgeous fall colors the blueberry bush is a stunning addition to any lawn. South Mississippi is a perfect place to grow and yield hearty blueberry bushes. One thing to note if you are thinking of growing this super fruit is it loves acidic soil and the perfect way to achieve this is to add peat moss directly into the soil under the bush. Plant the bush in a hole at least 2 1/2 ft in diameter and a foot deep for each plant, remove 1/3 of the soil replacing it with peat moss. Water your blueberry bushes at least twice a week more in the summer when it is hot outside, pour water directly on the soil but try not to wet the plant in the heat of the day. Make sure your blueberry bush has plenty of direct sunlight, at least 8 hours, and watch your plant grow delicious berries before your eyes.

Happy Planting!

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