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Ring the Bell

bellRecently had lunch at Cotton’s Grill.  As we paid our tab at the cash register, I noticed a bell with a  sign under it.  The sign was clear, “ring the bell if you liked the food.”  I rang it because the food was great.  We got a 10% discount on our tab because I rang the bell.  That made me smile, and my lunch companion, who was picking up the tab, smiled too.   We chatted a bit with the lady at the register.  She told us that it is seldom that someone rings the bell.  Since Cotton’s is always busy, I know the bell is not staying silent because people aren’t happy with the food.  I wonder if it’s just because they are too shy to make a loud statement, like ringing a bell.  They are possibly missing out on a little savings.

cottonsShy or not, it is still a loud statement about how good the food, and the service, are at a popular local eating place.  Do not hesitate to let the entire dining area know how much you enjoyed your experience at Cotton’s, and Ring the Bell!